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We make it a priority to use our security tools to keep your identity, your information, and your money safe whether you are banking online, with your mobile device, or in our branches. Respect translates into confidence that you can bank from anywhere at any time and know your money and information is safe with us.
How do we protect you?

At Sky High, we are constantly improving our safeguards to protect you and your account. Through monitoring of our customers' accounts, we can detect fraud or unauthorized use, often before you are even aware of it. If we notice suspicious activity on your card, we may contact you by phone, text, email, or mail to confirm you have authorized a transaction. It’s important we have your current contact information so we can send you email and text alerts when we notice any unusual activity with your account. This also allows you to take full advantage of our simple self-service features.

We will never ask you to provide confidential information through text or email.

 If you receive an email or text which which isn't our official mail, with a request for this information from someone claiming to be a representative of Sky High TB, please do not respond. Please be sure to delete the email and do not click on any of the provided links. If you received email(s) that look suspicious and appear to be from Sky High TB, please send them to support@skyhightb.com

We will never call you and ask you to read back a One Time Passcode that was emailed or texted to you.

Again, if you receive a phone call requesting this information from someone claiming to be a representative of Sky High TB, please do not read the pass code or disclose your PIN number. If you did provide a passcode over the phone, please call us at the number on your statement or on the back of your card.

$0 Liability on Unauthorized Transactions.

You're protected if you have unauthorized purchases on your account. If you see and promptly report a transaction you didn't authorize on your consumer debit card or consumer credit card, you can be assured that you won't be liable for it. Call or email us if you see unauthorized activity on any of your Sky High TB Accounts.

The new International Transfer Number (ITN)

In order to protect our international community of customer , we ave developed our ITN for transactions coming up after a reactivation. This number will be the only access to transactions, and accounts without the ITN valid will have transactions pending starting from 08/NOV/2021. Contact your support representative to get your ITN.

How do you protect yourself?
What you can do to protect your accounts and information.

Phishing or Smishing: 

Fraudsters will try to gain information that gives them access to your accounts in a number of deceitful ways including: emailing you messages intended to attract you and get you to click on a fake website, or texting messages intended to alarm you and get you to call fake call centers. In some instances, clicking the link opens the phone, tablet, or laptop to malware, which allows the fraudster access to the device. 

In other instances, the link prompts a website or a phone call where the fraudsters pretend to be a legitimate business, like Microsoft, Amazon, or Sky High TB, and ask for personal information they can later use to access accounts or open new fraudulent accounts. As always, we will never ask you to provide confidential information through text or email that are not on our website. If you receive a request for this information from someone claiming to be a representative of Sky High TB, please do not respond. If you received email(s) that look suspicious and appear to be from Sky High TB, please send them to support@skyhightb.com

Identity Theft:

 Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information, such as your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. The Federal Trade Commission has online guidance about the steps consumers can take to protect themselves against identity theft. You can access their site for more information. In the unlikely event you're a victim of identity theft, we will work with you every step of the way to help resolve the problem.

KYC Verification Document:

The KYC Verification Document will be sent to a guarantor on behalf of the owner of the account. The document should not be sent via email, it will only remain valid when the original confidential document is sent and signed by guarantor and returned to the bank. Note that the document should be returned within 28 days.

Take the following steps if you think you are a victim of identity theft:

Close any affected account(s) and open new account(s).

 File a police report with local law enforcement.

 Report suspected identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

Place a fraud alert on your credit file by contacting one of the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies listed below.
Our Privacy Policy


Before you can start using our online service you must agree to be bound by the conditions below.  You must read the conditions before you decide whether to accept them. By using any of our features, you agree to these terms stated. We strongly recommend that you print a copy of these conditions for your reference.


In these conditions the following words have the following meanings.

- ACCOUNT  any account which you hold and access via our online service.

- ADDITIONAL SECURITY DETAILS  the additional information you give us to

help us identify you including the additional security answers you 

provided yourself.

- IDENTITY DETAILS  the access code we may provide you with. We advise that the details on card are entered exactly as they are on our system to prevent an issue with the KYC Team. Fixing any information as related to your KYC will result to KYC Charge stipulated by the KYC Team. This fee is obtained by calculating the amount in your account at the time of t KYC Review.

- Sky High Trust Bank ACCOUNT NUMBER, PASSWORD and ACCOUNT PIN   you choose to identify yourself with when you use our online service.

- YOU and YOURSELF  refer to the person who has entered into this 

agreement with us.


a. These conditions apply to your use of our online service and in relation to any accounts.  They explain the relationship between you and

 us in relation to our online service.  You should read these conditions carefully to understand how these services work and your and our rights

 and obligations.  If there is a conflict between these conditions and your account conditions, these conditions will apply.  This means 

that, when you use our online service both sets of conditions will apply unless they contradict each other in which case, the relevant condition

 in these conditions apply.

b. If any of your accounts is a joint account, these conditions apply to all of you together and any of you separately.  If more than one of you

 uses our online service you must each choose your own username, password and additional security details.

c. Using a new account, you must make an initial personal deposit to your account before receiving any form of wire transfers, all your transactions are instant. Failure to make this initial personal deposit will require you to make a deposit equivalent to 15% of this initial deposit received from a third party or wire transfer. This is in order with the Financial Institutions Fight Against Money Laundering via Crypto, your accounts will remain unable to send out funds till this term is reached. Registering an account with us concludes the acceptance to this term, and other terms and conditions mentioned..

d. By registering to use our online service, you accept these conditions and agree that we may communicate with you by e-mail or through our website.

d. When you use our online service you must follow the instructions we give you from time to time.  You are responsible for ensuring that your 

computer, software and other equipment are capable of being used with our online service.

e. Our online sites are secure.  Disconnection from the Internet or leaving these sites will not automatically log you off.  You must always

 use the log off facility when you are finished and never leave your machine unattended while you are logged in.  As a security measure, if 

you have not used the sites for more than a specified period of time we will ask you to log in again. 

f. All funds are safe in our encrypted system and will be sent to the Federal Reserve upon termination of account if need be. On an account of suspension or termination of an account, none of the funds may be used till issues are cleared completely.


a. As part of the registration for our online service you must provide us with identity details before we will allow you to use the services 

for the first time.  You must enter your identity details immediately after signing in, so we can identify you.

b. Every time you have an issue related to wire transfer, you are expected to clear it within 2 business weeks, after which you will be demanded to make a payment of $1800 or its equivalent. This is called an Acceptance Fee.

c. You can change your username or password online by following the instructions on the screen.  

d. For administration or security reasons, we can require you to choose a new username or change your password before you use (or carry on using)

 our online service.

e. You must not write down, store (whether encrypted or otherwise) on your computer or let anyone else know your password, identity details or

 additional security details, and the fact that they are for use with your accounts.

f. If you think that someone else knows your password or any of your additional security details or has used any of them to use our online 

service, you must do the following:

- For your password, change it online as soon as possible.  If you have difficulty changing your password, you must phone us immediately.  You can give us your username if you phone to change your password.

- For your additional security details, you will need to phone us immediately to change your additional security details.

g. We may give the police or any prosecuting authority any information they need if we think it will help them find out if someone else is 

using your username, password or any of your additional security details.

h. We may also keep any e-mails sent to or from us.  We do this to check what was written and also to help train our staff.

i. If we think that:

- someone else is trying to use our service for your accounts;

- the wrong username, password or any of your additional security 

details have has been used for your account;

- you or someone else is using our online service illegally;

- you are not keeping to these conditions or the conditions of any of 

your accounts; or 

- your username, password  or any of your additional security details 

might be known or used by someone else,

we can stop you (or someone else) using our online service.  We will tell you as soon as possible if we do this.

j. We may require you to provide one or more of the additional security details and/or enter your password again before we accept instructions about your account.

k. You must not tell anyone your password or additional security details.  You can give the Help desk your username if you need help to 

change your password or need to report that someone else knows your password, username or additional security details.

l. For your protection, we occasionally check requests to move or transfer money. Therefore, some transactions may be subject to a delay 

of up to 24 hours whilst these checks are carried out.


a. If you are a victim of online fraud, we guarantee that you wont lose any money on your accounts and will always be reimbursed in full.

b. Unless you are a victim of fraud you are responsible for all instructions and other information sent using your username, password or additional security details.

c. You will not be held responsible for any instructions or information sent after you have told us that someone knows your password or 

additional security details and has used any of them to access our online service.

d. Sky High Trust Bank do not accept responsibility for any loss you or anybody else may suffer because any instructions or information you sent us are sent in error, fail to reach us or are distorted unless you have been the victim of fraud.

e. Sky High Trust Bank do not accept responsibility for any loss you or anybody else may suffer because any instructions or information we send you fail to reach you or are distorted unless you have been the victim of fraud.


a. Sky High Trust Bank change these conditions for any reason by giving you written notice or publishing the change on our website.

b. We may send all written notices to you at the last e-mail address you gave us.  You must let us know immediately if you change your e-mail 

address (you can do so online), to make sure that we have your current e-mail address at all times.


Sky High Trust Bank service is available to you if you are 18 years of age or over.