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Apply For a New Card Online

With the outbreak of the Corona Virus, and the continual need for social distancing, we have decided to reveal our Online Card Enrollment.


Request for a debit card by filling the contact information below.

By adding an account, you give permission to send funds to that account. Please fill in the complete and correct details below.

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How to Change Password

Your Password and emails are the core security of your account, unfortunately your emails can not be changed. Your password can however be changed from the My Account tab in the Online Banking Page. This information should never be given to anyone, not even our representatives, it should only be used on the website..

How to Edit My Account Details

Your account details and that of your beneficiaries are easily editable via the Profile tab in the Online Banking Page. However, not all of your details can be edited eg. email.

How to Change Email for Notification

Your emails can not be changed, however on special conditions such as a loss of device and hence the email, you should contact our team at for prompt assistance.

How to Cancel or Request for a Card

To cancel an already existing card, please contact our support team, However to request for a new card, please use the My Cards tab on the Online Banking page, simply input the location your card should be sent to.


Are you having issues with transactions or email notifications? Probably not enjoying or understanding any of our features? Do you have a special complain to make? Please contact our support center at