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About Sky High TB
We are a top International Fintech Group combining the vast advantages of the Blockchain and its security, and incorporating these concepts into our banking sector. In order to serve our customers better, we employ regular remote workers and they are all connected to our virtual servers making the need for a physical address void - the Blockchain is beautiful.
All our funds and transactions are however regulated by the financial laws between the countries on which they are transacted.
We are Sky High Trust Bank, We have been providing baking solutions for over a Decade.
Why Choose Us
We are among the most preferred, trustworthy, leading bank because we provide rapid, efficient and top quality banking solutions to meet the needs of customers and consistently enhance shareholder's value. We believe value is created for our customers by having true, quality, in-person service focused on solutions that make life easier for them.
Home Deliveries of Debit Card
Over 150 Support Teams and more than 50 Sky High Partners.
As an Online Banking, we reserve the right to many different locations to enable us work online and serve better. Also be aware that we may accept deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin or other allowed crypto currencies.
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